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tv   ABC2 News at 630PM  ABC  August 16, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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. now abc 2news. >> we start with a double shooting at baltimore's inner harbor. police are promising to come down hard on whoever is responsible. we are live in the inner harbor. it's another challenge as police try to encourage the public that the harbor is safe. >> reporter: that's right. last night's shooting follows a troubled summer here at the inner harbor. assaults committed by young people at the center but last night it moved inside. a summer night went wrong.
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>> we heard a gun shot and we gun. >> reporter: the shooting happened inside the light street pavillion. it was filled with people and some visitors were knocked to the ground as they tried to run. shots rang out just after 10:00. right after someone told officers in the area an armed person was seen at the inner harbor. >> while in the process of looking for that suspect shots rang out from inside of the area in front of a restaurant. >> reporter: two victims were taken to hospital was nonlife threatening injuries. one a 23-year-old with and the other late teens. >> we have heard about baltimore like all the bad things about all the bad things, the crime and stuff and we still come here and then we see tonight what happened and wow, kind of made our -- really
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a nightmare. >> reporter: police aren't ruling out anything. it's possible the two guys shot each other but they are still searching for a suspect. if you were in this area last night and saw or heard anything you are asked to give the police a call. the witness who reported seeing a person with a gun said he was a black male with a heavy set build. you will see if people plan on returning in light of this shooting. >> thank you. city mayor said the police will be working to improve security in the inner harbor. she released a statement saying the harbor is for everybody. it's the main location for families and millions of visitors. we are do everything in our power to make sure it stays that way. this is another reminder of the
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need for zero tolerance or illegal guns. if you carry an illegal gun you will go to jail. also a prisoner still on the run after escaping last week. the family of the prisoner devon champagne said they called police after he showed up at their home. he attacked a deputy while being transported. a jury had convicted him of felony theft and he faced a long prison sentence. the deputy is expected to be okay but champagne is considered dangerous. prosecutes in montgomery have dropped first degree murder charges against a 16- year-old suspected of killing a man last year. he was arrested along with six others after the victim was stabbed to death in july of 2008. the others are still charged. it's believed they are part of latin king's gang. three people were in the hospital, many others sick
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after a leak of carbon monoxide at on 9th street. the motel had no detectors. the mayor said the current law is strong but needs a way to make sure building owners obey. a 30-foot boat ran aground in cox creek. the gps system was not working properly and they think alcohol may have been involved. one man was sent to shock trauma. police haven't said what caused the accident. michael phelps continues to nurse a sore ankle after he was involved in a car crash thursday night. phelps said he will resume training tomorrow. baltimore city police said he was driving with a invalid out of state license but the accident wasn't his fault. another driver caused the accident running a red light. >> hot weather has been the story this afternoon. we went up to 90.
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it has been crystal clear across baltimore. one spot we are watching a few storms flair up. a lot of people headed back from this direction. eastern shores, between cambridge and vienna. couple showers and storms up to the west of those areas. nothing in baltimore. big story has been temperature under a clear sky. we pushed up to 90 earlier today. still in the upper 80s. that continues tonight a few clouds. that's about it for us. we will talk more about how hot it gets over the next couple days and the latest on activity in the tropics straight ahead. >> okay. around the nation tonight dry conditions making it hard to fight wildfires in california. crews are struggling to control nearly a dozen fires burning in remote areas. one fire in santa cruz has burned more than ten square miles. a week old fire was started by a camp fire that was set by
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people growing marijuana. milwaukee's mayor recovering after being beaten with a pipe. the mayor was attacked when he tried to help a woman calling for help near the wisconsin state fair. he was leaving with his family when he heard the woman and pulled out his phone to call the police. that's what police say the man threatening the woman turned and attacked the mayor. he fought back, broke his hand, the suspect ran away, the woman was not hurt. a man recovering from injuries after falling through a grate on a sidewalk in new york city. he fell 30 feet down below the street. the 59-year-old had just stepped outside of an off track betting parlor when the grate gave way. >> came right back here, i don't know what maybe he went to put out the cigar and go back. then he fell straight away. i saw him. he sways screaming for help. >> he heard noise. >> reporter: don't like to walk on these grates. he was pulled out but not
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before he called his wife. he broke his ankle in that fall. the white house might be ready to drop a controversial element of its health care plan. the debate continues to rage in town halls but tonight there are signs that a compromise might be in the works. . >> reporter: for the first time the white house has indicated might be willing to drop the so- called public option. a compromise many see as important. >> look, the fact of the matter is there are not the votes in the united states senate for the public option. there never have been. to continue to chase that rabbit i think is just a waste of effort. >> reporter: the possibility of government competing directly with private health insurance has alarmed critics of the system. now the secretary of health and human services said the public oposition is not the essential element of the plan. just one part. >> i think there will be a com
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petter to private insurance. that's the essential part is you don't turnover the whole new market place to private insurance companies and trust them to do the right thing. we need choices, we need competition. >> reporter: in instead of a government run program that competition may come in the form of insurance cooperatives. they would be jump started by the governments. >> it's not a public plan in the sense that government runs it. government has nothing to do with it once it's established its run by the members. >> reporter: some republicans who have strongly opposed the president's plan see hope. >> that would be government involvement but it would be a -- i believe a step in the right direction. away from a government take over of the health care in this country. >> reporter: abc news washington. >> abc 2news florida bracing for a stormy night. a tropical storm about to hit
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land. how they are getting read. >> and ravens training camp as coaches look for possible replacements. >> trying to beat the heat out there. we topped out at 90. forecast 88. we do have a two degree change. that's five-days in a row. you will be getting a norm bobblehead. the lightning bolts in the hands and everything we will be right back.
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. you're watching baltimore station that works for you. >> news around the world. two jets crashed today while
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rehearsaying for an air show. they were part of the russian knights display team. they crashed during a five plane set up. officials say the pilots ejected safely but news agencies are report that one of the pilots died. one woman was seriously hurt when a jet hit her house. four others might have been hurt. search teams looking for a hijacked russian ship. the owners say they have received a ransom demand. it's not clear if it's a legit one. it's carrying timber reportedly. fans of an indian actor shouted anti united states slogans after he was reportedly detained at new jersey's newark airport. his name came up on a computer alert list, officials say the questions was routine and took less than an hour and he wasn't actually detained but the story was front page news in india.
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taiwan the president of the country said 3,000 have been air lift from a village bur buried by mudslides. at least 35,000 were rescued. the death toll could top 5,000. aid showing up including tent -- thousands are living in shelters. more than 59 country's have offered help. a tropical storm taking aim at the gulf coast. claudette threaten the panhandle with heavy rain and high winds. anna and bill are in the atlantic. we have that story tonight. >> residents along the panhandle are bracing for claudettee likely to be the first storm to strike the united states main land this year. shoppers are already clearing shelfs of emergency supplies
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like water and batteries. >> starting to see customer interest in hurricane related items. >> forecasters agree. >> the gulf is more primed than usual for strong storms. >> two more storms are already lining up in the ocean aimed at united states. anna at 40 miles an hour and then bill. >> i think bill is going to be a major hurricane. it may create great problems among forecasters next weekend. anywhere between the carolina's and the maritimes you better watch it. >> it's not often that the first big storms of the season come this late. it has happened before in 1992. andrew formed on august 17th with in days it was a category five devastating southern florida. >> it's not all numbers. just takes one hurricane to make a bad year. >> reporter: abc news.
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>> now the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful radar. >> why -- you were saying bill looks like a big storm. >> claudette spun up fast, looks like they will get heavy rain. bill is the one that's just way out in the ocean, looks like it'll be major. expivment continuing to get strong. >> as we speak. we will watch that over the next few days. could be a major hurricane. more close to home right now. great night at the harbor. nothing going on weather wise across the baltimore area. at least a little different. 87 right now. topped out at 90. it was hotter downtown. closer to 82. blue skies, that was the story most of the day. if you watch closely you do see a few of the fair weather clouds in the afternoon. we will see something similar to that tomorrow. blue sky, more active weather
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in the afternoon. when i say they don't expect a lot of rain or thunderstorms. that waits until later in the week. couple showers or storms. a lot of beach goers coming back and headed for the nice point at the bay bridge. might get hit with a few showers. that's going to quiet down pretty fast. low temperatures only down in the midlow 60s. high temperatures today topped out around 90. dropped a few degrees, at 87. still 92 in western maryland. not much going on. these clouds, part of the moisture coming up all the way from the gulf coast. we will see a mix of clouds blending in tonight with that clear sky. i think as we come out wider if you look closely you can see a lot of this moisture and thunderstorm activity down in georgia. that's part of the storm and it's catching a ride and you see more of that cloud cover out of the south. i think we will be as hot maybe
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a little hotter tomorrow but if we get enough cloud cover it could hold tents down but will still be nice and muggy. maybe not that much of a difference. the model in motion. don't pick up much. we do keep it sunny all day. that cloud cover and moisture staying down toward virginia. if it creeps up further north that would hold temperatures down. right now into monday bring in the slight chance of a passing shower or storm late into tuesday. monday dry, tuesday better chance for a shower or storm. the tropics, again right now watching claudette. into the panhandle. tallahassee getting heavy rain. lot of this rain will bomb the panhandle and lower alabama or los angeles. that will be the story overnight and really the leading edge. two storms at sea. anna, bill way out there. has the greatest possibility to be a major hurricane and move eventually into the ocean. we will see if it becomes a
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threat or not. wap watch out for bill. it'll be muggy. slight chance for a shower in the next hourer or two. sunday 92 degrees. that's where we are going right now. haze, passing thin clouds. if we get more cloud cover that would hold the temperature down. seven day forecast now again it's a hot trend here for the next three to four days. carbon copies, better chance for showers and storms as we go into the next few days. watch out for that and again later in the week and next weekend we cool it off back into the mid80s. >> thank you. gas prices took a break. the average national price now $2.65s. in maryland paying about $2.05s even though you can find it lower than that. analysts say don't be surprised if some prices start jumping
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higher. the charter boat captains say fuel costs and stricter fishing laws are hurting their industry. marty runs a charter fishing boat and said business is down 70% this summer. he has fewer than ten days out of the summer booked back in june. that is usually closer to 50. some captains say they plan to sell their boats. many regular customers aren't coming back because they are taking shorter less expensive vacations. more ahead tonight including a trip out to the yard for the orioles's took the angels to extra innings. see what happened. the ravens fight through sunday heat and injuries to get leady for their next game and the return of rex ryan.
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. the orioles's scored 16 runs in friday's win and one
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run in last night's loss so they should have rebounded against the angels right? they did but so did the angels. the orioles down one in the bottom of the 9th. jones getting the sack fly. that brought home roberts and that brought the orioles back tying the game at eight. getting free baseball. time for defense. the angels load the bases, bath on the mound. they come through, get -- grounding in to a double play. nice play. still tied into the 13th. orioles couldn't score. angels could. big time. third straight inning they loaded the bases. or didn't get out of it. the flood gates opened and the angels scored nine runs in the 13th inning including a three run homer right there. the orioles loose 17-8. they will look to split the four game series tomorrow. they have a new first baseman.
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they got ryan hughes in a move that finishes the deal that sent greg zahn away. the ravens on the practice field. wide receiver marcus smith had to watch from the sidelines on crutches. he will have season ending knee surgery after he tore his ligament in a pre-season game. they are also looking at other quarterbacks in case they need to replace john beck who hurt his shoulder. the ravens face the jets and now they know that the jets will start mark sanchez. the jets head coach and former coordinator rex ryan made that the announcement today. it'll be nationally tell viced on monday august 24th. sun and final check of the forecast with wyatt up next. hearts happy...
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. great day to feel the wind and even a better day to help children with a motorcycle rally. the guardian's angel joined the rally to help fight childhood sexual abuse. it stands for race against abuse of children everywhere and protects children through
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public awareness. >> it is our 5th year. they invited us three years ago to join in which was the white motorcycle ride. they do fundraisers through the year at different events and we joined for the past three years in the motorcycle ride for the race rally. >> today's rally included police, veterans and hundreds of volunteers. it started in belaire and ended in darlington. nice day to get out and ride the hog. sunny sky. definitely on the hot side if you have a lot of late on but looking at the same thing the next few days. if we get a little more cloud cover it's possible courtesy of claudette it might not be as hot. we will see. >> we will look at it. thank you. thank you for watching. join us tonight at 11. have a good evening. . >> thank you for chosing abc 2news at 6:30. for more watch abc 2news at 11
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or go to the website. abc 2news works for you.
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